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Hello! We are currently closed to submissions.

We are closing to submissions for the summer. When we reopen in the fall, we will release new submitting guidelines. Moving forward, we will primarily accept short-form creative nonfiction.

Detailed Submission Instructions

  1. Please email your submissions to chronicallylitmag [at] gmail [dot] com 

  2. Format the subject line as follows: [CATEGORY]: "Your Title." For example, PERSONAL ESSAY: "Headache City".

  3. Paste your text pitch or submission in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Only include an attachment if you are submitting a comic or hybrid work with specific formatting.

  4. Please include a paragraph about yourself, briefly explaining the role chronic illness plays in your life, if that isn't evident from the pitch.

  5. Give us at least a month or two before following up on your pitch or submission.

Rights Details

We ask for first serial rights, which means we only consider work that has never been published before, either in print or online (your own website and social media count as publications). We also ask for electronic archival rights, or permission to keep your work online forever. Our rights are nonexclusive, so you can republish the work elsewhere later. If you do republish the work, we ask to be mentioned as the first publisher.


Details coming soon.

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