Anatomy of the Writer by Kristin LaFollette

Image description: Collage of surgery report on bulletin board with many words covered in black marker along with stenciled letters and skeletal medical images.

Image description: black and white collage with medical scans, photographs, and skeleton images.

Image description: collage with black and white medical scans, in-color medical vertebrae diagram, rib cage, flower, and brick.

Image description: collage with hand x-rays, hand photos, blocks of colors, and light peach paint sponged in areas.

Artist statement: This series of artwork (titled Anatomy of the Writer) was created as a way to help process my experiences with traumatic injury, recovery, and adapting to life with chronic pain and limited mobility. The artwork was created using a variety of materials, including some of my medical images (like scans and x-rays), photography, and anatomical diagrams and images.


Kristin LaFollette is a writer, artist, and photographer and is the author of the chapbook, Body Parts (GFT Press, 2018). She is a professor at the University of Southern Indiana and serves as the Art Editor at Mud Season Review. You can visit her on Twitter at @k_lafollette03 or on her website at

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