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Art by Eris Gentle

Title: Go Further Image description: In a drawing, a young woman sits at a lone desk in a white classroom. She looks behind her as vines and flowers creep in through a large hole in the wall.

Title: Gateway to Serenity Image description: In a drawing, a woman stands in a corner facing the wall in a room with mustard walls and brown tile floor. The wall nearest her has a large hole in it through which vines are creeping into the room. A butterfly flies overhead.

Title: Beware of Thoughts That Are Not Your Own Image description: In a drawing, a young person sits in a window sill looking out the window at a dark blue sky. A teddy bear sits alone in the corner of the room. Large green vines creep in through a large hold in the floor of the room.

Artist statement: As a survivor of mental illness in my childhood and young adult life, I like to think that it was Nature that reached in and gave me a sense of hope, beauty, and the will to persevere.


Eris Gentle is a visual artist based in Austin, Texas, where she leads workshops in developing creativity. Her work has appeared in Feminine Collective, The Absurdist, Apricity Magazine, and elsewhere. Her painting “Go Further” was exhibited in the Texas State Capitol after winning the 2019 Texas Mental Health Awareness Creative Arts Contest.

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