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Dependable by Grace Desmarais

Updated: Mar 15

An illustrated pages that says "Comfort without the embarrassment ...huh" next to an illustration of hands holding up a package of Depends, then the words "Pfft! What a blatant lie." Below that is an illustration of a woman in a grocery store "It's starting to get exhausting. Maybe that's why I feel so small." There's also an illustrated days of the week pill case, a woman walking, a large medical bottle of urine, a prescription sheet, and two prescription bottles. In the lower left handwritten words say "I know with chronic pain you learn to cope, but is this the rest of my life? Adult diapers and pain pills?" In the lower right is an illustration of a couple in bed, with the words "You can't sleep, can you?" "Not a bit." "It'll be okay."

A hand-drawn illustration that says "Will it actually be ok? I'm starting to wonder..." in the center, surrounded by a variety of pills in different shapes and colors


Grace Desmarais is a French-Canadian illustrator and cartoonist currently living in Massachusetts. Diagnosed with three chronic conditions (fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis and polycystic ovary syndrome) in 2018 her comics often confront her frustration and determination when coping with chronic illness. Grace’s long term goal is to be a published author/illustrator with a committed comics publisher. On the off chance she is not drawing you will find her playing Dungeons & Dragons, or enjoying a craft beer. You can find her work on her website, at gracedesmarais on instagram, or GraceDoesComix on twitter.

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