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Four Paintings by Fiona Hsu

Image description: Painting of woman lying on her back in a forest surrounded by birds’ wings

Image description: Painting of long-haired woman’s bare back with bleeding wound and yellow bird as she lies in grass and flowers

Image description: A painting of a brown bird with detached wing that’s been re-attached with red string

Image description: A painting of a woman sitting with eyes closed. Branches grow out of her back and two birds sit on them.

This series is called Garden of Wounds.

Artist’s statement: In my paintings of my “Garden of Wounds” series, I illustrate the steep emotional and physical fall of the victims battling with chronic illness. Here in my art, I recall of what I’ve witnessed and heard from my older childhood around my uncle, who was diagnosed with cancer and had passed away. Since I was 7, I’ve listened to my uncle and my mom talks about the pain of this illness, and watched how my uncle was so close to conquer the battle yet still defeated. I insist to translate the feeling, that of grasping something that is so close yet so far to grip on tightly, into my paintings. I wish my paintings could not only deliver the story of my deceased uncle and the sense of hopelessness into the world, but also I aspire to connect with and comfort my audience of similar situation.


Fiona Hsu is a fine artist and self-taught photographer who captures imagery based on her pure imaginations and dreams. She started traditional art since she was 5 and developed blazing passion for fine art photography during her long recovery from a foot tendon surgery. Her works captures the aspects of beauty within woeful and melancholic definitions, narrating a haunted yet quaint story. Fiona’s photographs, particularly self portraits, are inspired by her dreams at night, her obstacles and story, and her childhood imaginations.

#illness #wounds #birds #pain #forest

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