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Jellybean Comix by Grae Salisbury – Week 1

I’m happy to announce that we’re beginning our first comics series! Stay tuned for five weeks of comics by Grae Salisbury.

Artist statement: Drawing comics is a means for me to emotionally process having an invisible and painful chronic condition. Drawing comics has been a practice of building an empathetic and loving relationship with myself, and a way that allows me to own my narrative. I believe sharing my work in safer spaces is healing for me, and an excellent practice in self-love.


Grae Salisbury is a queer human living with vulvodynia, anxiety, a jungle of lovely house plants, and their adorable partner. Grae describes drawing Jellybean Comix as a practice of processing their mental and physical health and nurturing a compassionate relationship with themselves. In 2019 they were proud to participate in the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival.

#GraeSalisbury #comix #Art #chronicpain #drawing

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