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On Holter Monitors and General Malaise By M.E. Hoban

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

White text that says POETRY On Holter Monitors and General Malaise BY M.E. Hoban overtop a background that is black on the left half and dark gray on the right half

Crisscross my body with tape:

would-be sex appeal, sticky

under breasts, in the hollow

of the hip with the freckle—

I am the first person to stop

questioning why I lag so much,

like an old computer, blowing

air and futility, wires all ajar—

Last summer I was spent

on books and buses, floors

pressed to my chest, a remedy,

the art of tiring gracefully—


The grace of artfully retiring—

My body a fruit out of season,

plucked and packaged, rimmed

with ripe red blisters, weeping—

Well, here, I give you a record

of my heart: jumping arrhythmic,

unfettered iambs, fists beating:

I am here

and I am


and I am



M. E. Hoban is an MA candidate at the University of Chicago and a poetry reader for Bombus Press. Her work has appeared in such places as Ghost City Review and Five:2:One Magazine‘s #thesideshow. She can be found on Twitter at @me_hoban.

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